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New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady Painting

Quarterback Tom Brady Painting

This painting of quarterback  Tom Brady I did a couple of years ago but it seems current given

Painting of Quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots Standing with his hands on his hips in a snowstormthe fact that he will be in another Super Bowl this year – In fact this will be his eighth trip to the Super Bowl – the most for any quarterback in history, winning four titles.  Brady has started fifteen seasons with the Patriots drafted by the in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft.  Now, that late pick in the draft certainly has paid off.

Food for NFL Football

It was great watching the Championship game between the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Stealers.    My wife was very kind and fixed me some very special treats while watching the NFL’s AFC Championship Game.  Yes, the photo shows Roasted Brussels sprouts and Delicata squash.  She spiced it up with some Parmesan cheese. Yummy, yummy.  As you can imagine I just wolfed that delicious plate of vegetables right on down.  I can’t wait to see what super special treat she rustles up for me on Super Bowl Sunday – maybe a nice big bowl of barbequed broccoli or cauliflower.Brussel sprouts and Delicata squash  Isn’t your mouth just watering?  – perfect tailgating food for those special winter afternoons.  I’m surprised she didn’t offer me a glass of vinegar water to wash it down with.  I shouldn’t tease her about the treats.  It was very thoughtful – well she could have thought about it and have come up with something better – like steak and potatoes.

About the Painting

The Tom Brady painting is 4 feet by 8 feet, acrylic on unstretched canvas