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Image of Clipper Jones swinging a bat with teh umpire and catcher behind him

Atlanta Braves Chipper Jones inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame inductee Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones made it! Chipper Jones MLB baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2018.   Well done on making it into the Hall of Fame on your first year of eligibility. This baseball painting of Chipper Jones for the SunTrust Stadium, Delta Sky Club in the new in Atlanta Braves stadium in 2017.   The sports art painting is 15 feet by 8 feet in acrylic paint.Image of Clipper Jones swinging a bat with teh umpire and catcher behind him

Chipper Jones data

Third baseman Chipper Jones played his whole career with Atlanta Braves for 19 years. Jones had a relatively easy time getting into baseball’s Hall of Fame as he got named on 97.2% of the ballots.  His statistics shows his record of eight-time All-Star and the 1999 National League MVP, Jones had a career batting average of .303 with 468 home runs.  Any baseball fan can see why Chipper was selected with numbers that show a combination batting average of over .300 %, .400 on-base average, 500 slugging average and 400 home runs.  Those number show why Chipper Jones on his first year of eligibility jumped into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Chipper Jones Thoughts

Here is a few thoughts Chipper Jones has said about playing baseball that sums up his statistics and how he played the game.  Jones said, “We can bunt guys over. But we’re built on power. That’s American baseball.”  But in contrast to that statement he also said that he felt his proudest accomplishments was  that he had more walks than strikeouts.  About his percentage numbers?  “I was always of the belief that if you go up there and you’re the toughest out possible every single time you walk up to the plate, the numbers are going to take care of themselves,’’ he said.  About entering the MLB Baseball Hall of Fame?  “This is day that’s going to change my life forever. We have a handful of those during our lifetime, transcendent moments that just change your life forever. Today was certainly one of them.’’