Sports T-Shirts for Sale

Motiovational and Inspirational Sports T-Shirts by
Sports Artist John Robertson

These sports t-shirts are available on Amazon. Just click on the link for the features and prices of the tee shirts. Men, women and youth are available in a variety of colors  and sizes

Baseball T-Shirts

The coach comes out to train an athlete for hitting a baseball and what is the boy wearing? A tee shirt with the enlightened wisdom THREE FOR TEN IS ZEN. We know the child has wise parents. The parent understands that exercise and zen is good for fitness

Three for Ten is Zen

Zen coaching for baseball players provides cultural enlightenment beyond sports. You do not have to be perfect in anything as three times out of ten is a great achievement for anyone in any field, Dad, Mom, Son, Daughter. This is good for any family

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baseball with the words hardball written on the front of a t shirt


When you are standing at home plate that raw hide covered ball come in fast and hard. Wear this baseball hardball tee shirt with the pride of knowing you play a nitty gritty game yourself.

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baseball image of pitcher throwing a pitch with the words all in the grind motto on the front

All to The Grind

Do you need motivation or inspiration to play the game of baseball?  Something to inspire you?  A motto, saying a quote to motivate you to give 100 percent in your play.  Or do you need a good gift for a friend?  This athletic t-shirt is for any sports fan.


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an image of a pitcher on the mound throwing a sidearm pitch which is called a sidewinder and the motto on the shirt front


So you want to play pitcher in this sidewinder hardball tee shirt?  You are a great player now and that softball sport is gone.  Sidewinders throw fast and hard.

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baseball player on the mound looking off a catcher's signals with the inspirational words on th etee shirt Sweat, determination and drive.

Sweat, Determination, Drive

Here is a great motivational quote on the sport of baseball t-shirt.  Do you need to be inspired?  Do you have a relative or friend that you are looking for – for a inspirational gift?  Here it is.   Sweat Determination Drive.

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Football T-Shirts

A good football player can run, punt, kick and throw But you need to practice the sport at FULL THROTTLE. This Motivational comment will remind the athlete to keep that thought in mind. Inspire you dad, child, daughter or son, niece or nephew or a friend

Full Throttle

You are about to play a game of football in the local park. You do practice and have the right football cleats and pants to play and your hat. But you need a tee shirt to wear, a lucky football t shirt will motivate both you and your teammates.

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Sometimes the best defensive football play is for you to, " Let the Game Come to You". Others think you should lean his shoulder pads into it. Dad, son brother, they will all love this lineman tee shirt waiting for the running back to come his way

Let the Game Come to You

Sports athletics build character. That is not a fantasy. There is a moral philosophy learned, of hard work, sacrifice, patience and dedication of an athlete that takes his sports seriously. And this football tee shirt says that patience has its own reward.

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image of a riunning back cutting the orner carrying a football and the words Runnin in the Hammer lane on the front of the tee shirt

Runnin In The Hammer Lane

You wanted to be an aggressive sports player and football is your game.  So you run hard and fast and run in the hammer lane with your foot to metal.  You need motivation, something to inspire your play. This is the perfect t shirt.

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Basketball T Shirts

Sports basketball dribbling motivational t shirt(2)

Opportunity Dresses
in Sweat

Opportunity Dresses In Sweat. The perfect motivational tee shirt for dad or son when they are working out playing basketball. An inspirational message for a boys jersey when he is shooting hoops, dribbling the ball or just hanging out in the backyard.

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You can wear this tee shirt to show others how you feel about the Basketball sport. No double dribbles for you. Only the perfect basic basketball shot, the lay up to the hoop. Simple, easy yet with a beautiful flow

My World

You can wear this tee shirt to show others how you feel about the Basketball sport. No double dribbles for you. Only the perfect basic basketball shot, the lay up to the hoop. Simple, easy yet with a beautiful flow.

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image of basketball player dribbling and running towards the basketball hoop in order to dunk the basketball with the words scoop the hoop on the front of the tee hirt

Swoop the Hoop

This tee shirt is perfect for that basketball fan who loves the game. The basketball player image typifies the dribble to the basket for America’s great game.

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Basketball player with ball in his hands above his head leaping through the air to dunk the ball image with the test flow with purpose on the front of his tee shirt

Flow With Purpose

This motivational graphic tee shirt may be worn with pride of achievement as you play a game with flow and purpose.  Your mind and body connects and you play in the moment, in the flow, in a really great game of basketball.  Think of this t-shirt as a perfect gift for a family member, dad, mom, daughter, son, and youth.  Think of the ideal gift for for any gift giving time

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Hockey T Shirt

hockey wonk hockey playeer with the stick and the puck heading for a goal on a t shirt with the words Hockey wonk on th efront

Hockey Wonk

Hockey Wonk. What is a wonk? An expert in a field, typically someone who is young or young at heart and intelligent who has a mastery of something specific or can perform something in an excellent way. For the sports wonk in your sports hockey family.

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Hockey player image showing him skating and shooting with his stick as the puck heads for the goal with the words fire andice on the front of the tee shirt.

Fire and Ice

This tee shirt is perfect for that ice hockey fan who loves the game. The hockey skater player image typifies the a hockey shot to the goal for Americas great game. 

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ice hockey sports image of player skating on the ice with the words full bore on the front of the tee shirt


A good ice hockey player skates hard and plays fast.  And you need to practice and play the sport at FULL-BORE.  Inspire you dad, mom, child, daughter or son, niece or nephew or a friend with this athletic t-shirt.

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Unique Tee Shirt Designs

image of a lifeguard standing on the beach facing the ocean with his lifeguard tube and swimfins and the words rescue on the front of the tee shirt


Lifeguard rescue tee shirt by sports artist Jhn Robertson.  This is the perfect casual wear lifeguard rescue t shirt to wear at the pool, ocean, beach, or on a boat. A perfect gift for any holiday celebration

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image of a surfer standing on the sand at the beach with his surf board under his arm and staring out at the waves with the words escape time on the front of the tee shirt

Escape Time

You are standing on the sand at the beach gazing out at the surf, watching for the perfect wave in your casual wear tee shirt.  Escape time means either escaping from the everyday craziness of the world or actually escaping the feeling of time and be lost in the moment of surfing.

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