Minnesota Vikings Miracle Sports Artist Vikings Football

Minnesota Vikings Miracle Sports Artist Vikings Football

sports artist John Robertson standing with his 8 foot high painting of Stephon Diggs making the famous catch to win the game for the NFC Championship between Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleand saints.

Minnesota Vikings Sports Art

If you are here on my blog you should already know that I am a sports artist who has created  sports paintings for the Minnesota Vikings US Bank stadium. A great moment in Vikings football history was made last weekend in a playoff game with the New Orleans Saints when Vikings quarterback, Cade Keenum throws a forth-quarter walk-off pass to wide receiver Stefon Diggs. For me, a Vikings fan this was an exciting moment and one that I wanted to capture in paint.  Sometimes a sports play comes along that needs to be painted just for the joy of recreating a scene or action.

Seven Heaven Play

Some of you football fans already know that this play is called, seven heaven.   For a sports artist this is a perfect opportunity to paint a great play.  The play is a deep corner route and if the quarterback, in this case, Case Keenum hits the wide receiver, in this case it’s Stefon Diggs, then something heavenly happens.   And in this particular case, the play saved the Minnesota Vikings season and crushed the New Orleans Saints and moved the Vikings into the NFC Championship Game.

 Narrative of the Play

Here’s a quick rundown of how the play went down.  There was 10 seconds showing on the clock and it was 3rd and 10 .  The Vikings were at their own 39 yard line.  Stefon Diggs runs the seven heaven route, catches the pass, the cornerback misses the tackle (I’m not giving his name as he has had enough hassle about his missed play) and Diggs scores.  It was the first time a walk-off touchdown has been made in NFL playoff history.  And what does Keenum say about this?  With a dazed and goofy look there is not too much can one day accept, “Dude, I can’t believe this!” Who can.  It was a spectacular finish to an exciting game.