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Mark McGuire on his knees with head bent down charcoal drawing by artist John Robertson

Mark McGwire Charcoal Drawing Sports Art

Mark McGwire: Runs, Hits, a Few Errors

As you may know the great hitter Mark McGwire and was the Los Angeles Dodgers hitting coach is now the bench coach for the San Diego Padres.Mark McGuire on his knees with head bent down charcoal drawing by artist John Robertson

I certainly hate to have my past follow me round and try to forget about it as much as I can.  But I don’t have any great influence over others outcome in life.  So what is still important in  McGwire’s past history is his time with performance-enhancing drugs – and with that  needs to tell the players is the difference between human growth hormones (HGH), bovine growth hormone (bGH) and no hormones – and it has nothing to do with utters. He needs to continue to tell the players some side effects of steroids are reversible but other effects are never changed in the minds of the public.

Mark McGwire Moves On

By admitting he took steroids and bGH Mark McGwire inflated his statistics and his body. In 1996 McGwire hit 50 home runs with 390 official times at bat – every 7.8 times he was at the plate. Babe Ruth did that eating candy bars and “light drink.” When listening to McGwire’s infamous performance before House Government Reform Committee in March 2005 there were short pauses while viewers smothered their faces with laughter. McGwire didn’t hit 135 home runs in two years on bonbons. On Mark McGwire’s Charity web site you can see that he is making great contributions to society.  And for sports in general I imagine he is making a strong contribution against the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Made in Nature

Originally the baseball was made so you couldn’t hit it easily, high, or far, so 60 home runs a season hitters are usually pituitary freaks. But we want our players to be made by nature not in the lab. Remember when baseball players were small? (For example: PeeWee Reese). Joe DIMaggio was only 6 feet 2 inches and weighed 193 pounds. Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? There is a generation out there that thinks DiMaggio invented the coffee maker.

Like Joe DiMaggio, Mark McGwire is only a symbol – of what things were what things are and what things will be. I guess we, as fans, get what we deserve. But what I prefer to see the “Mark McGwire’s of the world helping the new players overcome their need for enhancers.