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Vintage Quarterback Football Player Sports Art Painting for Sale

mage of a vintage quarterback football player throwing a pass wearing old leather football helmet and old football jerseys.

About the Vintage Painting

This vintage quarterback football player in old uniform throwing a pass sports art painting is approximately 48” x 87” acrylic on unstretched canvas.  This means no stretcher bars or frame.  The painting is meant to be hung like a banner or tapestry but can be easily be stretched and framed for a more formal look. Please notice in the photo that the edges of the canvas are uneven and sometimes frayed with staple marks in the canvas.  This is intentional to give the painting a casual, used and worn look.Vintage quarterback football player throwing a pass with the ball nect to his head sports art

Are you interested in purchasing this painting or commissioning a sports painting by sports artist John Robertson?  I do not use an e-commerce purchasing method.  I prefer to deal directly with the client through email.  This adds a personal touch to the purchase of the painting and allows for a dialogue about the work between the client and the artist.  Any questions? You may take some time with your thoughts and email me using the email address JohnRobertsonSportsPaintings@gmail.com.  Individual large-scale pieces may start as low as $1,200 and increase to as much ad $15,000. The prices for a large-scale piece varies by size, subject matter, number of figures in the painting, etc.  Please do not be intimidated by the range of pricing as I am flexible.